Treadmill Glider

A new bred of treadmill.
Cordless, Zero Maintenance and 3-Modes

No more replacing decks, spending man-hours maintaining treadmills and now you can go cordless and have multi-use functionality with CorePact's Glider.

Redefining Elliptical

Superior designed elliptical that save 31% footprint

Imagine the same patented technology of CorePact's treadmill used to future-proof all ellipticals. Innovative design that is built to outlast competitors and precisely engineered to be 75% footprint of all commercial ellipticals on the market.

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CorePact Leadership

Advisory Board - KOLs

We make superior fitness cardio equipment for leading facilities and athletes

CorePact is purposively designed for high-end boutique gyms, professional athletes home gyms, leading physical therapy back to sport centers of excellence to off-grid military training facilities

Commercial Fitness

Gyms can invest in superior equipment to maximize footprint, have the truly innovative tech and not have to deal with any maintenance issues and the most incredible warranties on the market. Our treadmill can act as multiple machines and give you sled HIIT capabilities without the turf.

Physical Therapy / Rehabilition / Medical

Have visibility with the most versatile fitness equipment with the ability to record and track outcome measures through kinetic and kinematic technology giving you fixed incline, adjustable and sled mode to measure functionality and modalities.

Elite Training Centers

Professional athlete speed-agility centers, performance training centers and R&D innovation labs.