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Benefits of The Cordless Treadmill Foot Rollers

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Benefits of Foot Rollers for Feet: Relieve your Tired Feet!

Reviewed By: Pramod Kerkar, MD, FFARCSI

Are you bound to stand long because of your profession? Are you into physical activities that exert a lot of pressure on your feet? It is for sure your feet must be aching or you might be feeling a kind of soreness in your feet.

Now, imagine how relaxing it feels when you go for a foot massage! Foot rollers are a kind of massage tools which can help you relieve your tired feet and relax you even with your daily chores of life. This current article will revolve around the topic on how actually foot rollers benefits our feet. We will know about the foot rollers, talk about their benefits to feet, know about how to use the tools and also study some of the best foot rollers available in recent times.

Multi-Rollers Foot Massager:

There are also foot massaging tools where there are several rollers present in the foot roller/massager. Usually these multi-rollers are fitted with two rollers side by side for both foot massage and several rollers in rows. These multi-rollers foot massagers are light in weight and gives greater benefits in relieving pain from foot. They cover most part of the feet and they are crafted in a way that fits correctly with the foot arches.


10 Excellent Health Benefits of Foot Roller Massager

Foot massage has been used for medical treatment for centuries. This kind of traditional therapeutic techniques will affect the muscles and joints function. Moreover, it will help to improve the energy flow by pointing at the pressure points.

Then, it is believed that this therapy can heal certain diseases. It is linked with the ability of it to activate the cells and hormones. As a result, it helps to promote the body function. At this point, we will talk about the things can be done by foot roller massager, then check the health benefits of foot roller massager below.

1. Boosts Circulation

By pointing the pressure points on foot, you will achieve the best health benefits such as improving the body’s circulation. For the tips, you can use foot roller massager when you are watching tv or simply when you are reading a book. This activity will help you to boost the body functions. Take it for 10-20 minutes per session and you will get the unexpected benefits for sure.

2. Controls Blood Pressure

One of the amazing health benefits of foot roller massager is to control the blood pressure level in the body. By using foot roller massager, it will help to reduce stress, anxiety, and help to lower blood pressure. As a result, it will also help you to protect the heart health. Indeed, by controlling the level of blood pressure, you will reduce the risks of heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke as well

3. Treats Headache

What is even greater from the health benefits of foot roller massager is the way it helps you to deal with headaches and migraines. This is based on a study conducted in Denmark that shown headaches and migraines can be treated by reflexology treatments.

For the tips, if you have headaches r migraines, it is better to take foot roller massager and have a short session for it. Then, you can drink a tea such as a chrysanthemum tea to get the health benefits of chrysanthemum tea and relieve the pain. Indeed, with a right treatment, you can cure the certain health problems for sure.

4. Promotes Foot and Ankle Health

If you suffer from foot or ankle injuries, then having foot roller massager may help you. Then, foot roller massager has an ability to reduce the muscle problem and soreness. In this case, you can start a short session for a few minutes to reduce the pain and strengthening the flexible ankle. Indeed, using foot roller massager is a very valuable tool to promote the foot and ankle health.

5. Promotes Good Feeling

The point while using a tool like foot roller massager is to achieve the comfort and the healthy body as well. By using foot roller massager to massage the foot, then it will give you a good effect to make the relaxed stated of the body and mental.

As a result, it will help to reduce anxiety and depression. Therefore, if you face the hard days, then getting your feet massaged by foot roller massager is such a very good idea.

6. Relieves Stress

Related to the previous statement, foot roller massager can be the alternative treatment for those who suffer from stress and depression. By massaging your foot, you can ease the worries and reduce the stress as well as achieving the better moods.

Moreover, a research has shown that five minutes of foot massage will help to relax your body and give you the emotional comfort for sure. You can also check for Health Risks of Stress.

7. Prevents Anxiety

As described before, massaging the foot with foot roller massager can reduce the stress, tension, and anxiety. This natural remedies can be effective as you can get the great reflexology treatment by having foot roller massager.

For the tips, to make the relaxing sensation, it is good to put some essential oils like jojoba oil or almond oil while massaging the foot. As the consequence, you can get perfect treatments to relieve anxiety for sure.

8. Promotes Better Sleep

You may have heard that drinking a glass of milk can make you relax and promote the better sleep. However, not only for that, by massaging your foot with foot roller massager, it will make a good sensation, release stress, and make your body calm.

As a result, it will promote the good sleep quality. Indeed, reflexology treatments can help to deal with disturbed sleeping patterns and insomnia. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get your foot roller massager for getting the health benefits of sleeping.

9. Relieves PMS Symptoms

Many women suffer from PMS symptoms such as having stomach cramps and mood swings. To deal with this case, there are many ways to do. One of them is by having reflexology treatments by using foot roller massager. As your body relaxed, then you can ease the stress, tension, and soothe the aches and pains. Indeed, it will help to relieve PMS symptoms such as anxiety, tension, fatigue, headaches, and mood swings as well. Moreover, a 1993 Californian study pointed reflexology treatments can reduce PMS symptoms and relieve the painful condition. Such the great benefits, right?

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