Due to the lack of friction our CordlessTreadmill™ belt’s lifespan is extended 5x the conventional treadmill belt on the market. There’s no need for belt tensioning and tracking since our technology automatically addresses those paint points.

Due to the innovative design we have created the most reliable treadmill.

Finally a solution that takes away your cardio pain-points.


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Why the CordlessTreadmill™ is changing the cardio game.


Treadmill has been designed in a manner so that a Soft Start is achieved solely by mechanical design; once a certain RPM is achieved generator voltage is sufficient enough to power the electronic systems and battery charge. Our Electronic consume (currently) roughly 8 watts (minus the momentary spike in current when incline is in use). 

Adjustable Incline

As with most all treadmills incline is set by the user. Our treadmill is the only “cordless” treadmill with this feature, however due to the fact that our treadmill is cordless a small amount of incline is necessary to overcome the mechanical and electronic resistance. Minimum incline while in user mode must vary as user weight varies. Minimum user weight is set to 125 lbs., max user weight is 300lbs.   

User Adjustable Speed

As with most all treadmills speed is set by the user. Our treadmill is the only “cordless” treadmill with this feature. User weight and incline play a major factor in this function. The lower the user weight a higher incline is necessary to achieve faster speeds. Speed increments are currently set to .5 mph increases.  Minimum speed is set to 2.0 MPH.