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Prepare To Be Unplugged

Validated. Efficient. Zero Compromises.

User Interface

Energy efficient screen that gives you modern touch screen without pulling too much juice

Versatile Grips

Wide grips for full performance capabilities and horn grips for “push mode”

Foot Therapy

Our cartridge design sends a gentle vibration into the runners body while your exercising. Stimulating muscles, ligaments, joints, tendons, blood flow and nerves in the bottom of the feet.

VIAS-Variable Impact Absorption System

Impact adjusts to variable body weights automatically.


On average, gyms spend the most time working on maintaining treadmills. When you are allocating that much manhours towards maintenance, it is time to make a paradigm shift and unplug from the traditional treadmill.


Everything from our treads, to our 1000s of manhours of load testing has ensured gym owners can use our cordless treadmill as unique selling differentiator.


The cordless treadmill allows dynamic incline, sled mode, freestyle running giving you three treadmills in one. This allows gyms multiple performance capabilities within one treadmill.


We set out to design a cordless treadmill that would give gym owners immediate ROI. We repeatedly pored over every brand on the market looking how we can reduce cost, space and lower maintenance burdens.

Unplug & Join The Movement

Human Powered Fitness is not just another treadmill manufacturer.

We listened to gym owners, trainers, and maintenance teams to rebuild the treadmill from ground up to make the most efficient, high performance self-powered treadmill. We specifically designed our cordless treadmill for this of you who want the best.

Re-engineering Cardio For Gym Owners

Reduce your maintenance and advanced features that will help your bottom line.

Human Powered Fitness might be a new product but we’re backed by CSM Fitness Equipment a global leader in providing used gym equipment for decades. We have partnered with them to collect industry insights on all the pain points across all treadmills brands to create the most reliable, intelligent and versatile cordless treadmill.

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